1965 Jaguar E-Type Roadster 4.2L engine

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The Pale Yellow Primrose paints remains in excellent original condition throughout. Given its original state there are of course minor imperfections throughout the car such as some stone chipping in the front, some minor dings in the paint down the sides. There is a fairly sizable streak down driver side of the hood where something was dripping on the car and ate away at the paint, running from the curve of the hood down to the bottom of the rocker. The rear valence has some stone chipping behind the rear tires where stones have been kicked up and the paint in the license plate area is scuffed around the mounting points, revealing the oxidized but solid metal underneath. During storage it appears that there was a tire sitting on the rear deck lid for some time as the impression of it has rubbed its way into the paint leaving an interesting and unique bit of patina in the area. The body itself is nice and solid, benefiting from being stored in a nice dry garage all these years. Similar to the quality of the paint, there are a number of small imperfections most of which look like the product of living in tightly cramped garage quarters for most of its life.
The interior of the car shows in excellent original condition with nicely patina’d but solid leather throughout. There is some creasing from age forming on seating surface and backs that lends a wonderful character to the interior that only careful age can provide. The carpeted back of the seats have some wear marks from rub and age but contain good color and respectable finish. The lap belts appear to be original, still adorned with their “Jaguar” emblazoned labels. The belts themselves are a bit discolored and the chrome of the buckles is a bit scuffed with some minor surface corrosion occurring, but are again in good original condition. The door cards are well fitting with smooth black covering and shiny chrome controls. The undersides of the doors as well as the jams show respectably and appear solid. The carpets show a bit of age but retain good color and only a bit of wear in high traffic areas. The floor pans underneath are dry and solid with original sound deadening in place.
This E-type benefits from a recent thorough mechanical refreshing and it shows in the running nature of the car. With a little help from the choke the engine fires to life with a couple turns of the starter. Until up to temperature its runs a bit rough, as is common with these cars and engines, however, once standard operating temperatures are reach the engine settles into a smooth and controlled idle with snappy throttle response. Once out on the road it makes excellent smooth power and feels strong and healthy. No flat spots or stumbles were noticed during out brief testing of the vehicle.


Make Jaguar
Model E-Type Roadster
Year 1965
Mileage 25280
Engine 4.2L
Interior Color Black
Exterior Color Pale Yellow Primrose
Transmission Manual
Body Type Convertible
Number of Cylinders 6
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) 7E1673-9
Fuel Type Gasoline

$ 16300.00