1967 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible V-8 engine Marlboro Maroon

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Corvette tri-power big-blocks came in two distinct configurations for 1967. For $305.50, buyers could opt for the easy-to-maintain L68, which incorporated a cast-iron crank, cast aluminum pistons, small-valve cylinder heads, 10.25:1 compression and an aggressive high-lift hydraulic cam for 400 HP at 5,400 RPM and 460 lb-ft of torque at 3,600 RPM; or, the lucky new Corvette owner took control of the mighty L71 Mark IV featuring a forged steel crank, heavy-duty forged steel connecting rods, domed forged aluminum pistons, 11.0:1 compression, a high-lift, high-duration solid-lifter cam, large valve heads with voluminous rectangular ports, and K66 transistorized ignition. The factory deceptively rated the L71 at 435 HP, the highest figure of any production Corvette big-block engine to that time.
The deception was in its official peak RPM of 5,800; in fact, it was perfectly capable of running at a sustained 6,500 RPM, where its output approached 450-plus HP, and its innovative vacuum-actuated tri-power carburetion system delivered incredibly smooth yet immediate acceleration not possible with a single 4-barrel setup.
The 1967 L71 427/435 HP Corvette has long been widely considered one of the most significant milestones in Corvette history, making examples such as this tri-power convertible an excellent candidate for any collection. Its Marlboro Maroon paint, black stinger stripe and saddle leather interior constitute one of the most desirable color combinations of this vintage. Among this desirable tri-power convertible’s many temptations are a black soft top, Soft Ray-tinted windshield, Muncie close-ratio 4-speed manual transmission, redline bias-ply tires on finned aluminum bolt-on wheels and a Delco AM/FM radio.


Make Chevrolet
Model Corvette
Year 1967
Mileage 14382
Engine 427 CI
Interior Color Saddle
Exterior Color Marlboro Maroon
Transmission Manual
Body Type Convertible
Number of Cylinders 8
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) 19467722941
Fuel Type Gasoline

$ 25000.00