1977 Nissan Patrol 4.0L inline 6-cylinder engine

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4.0L inline 6-cylinder engine
3-speed manual transmission
4-wheel drive transfer case
Nissan was quick to evolve the Patrol with the 4W61 entering production in 1955 with extensive styling revisions and a more powerful 3.7L inline 6-cylinder engine and later 4.0L inline 6-cylinder engine. Meanwhile, 1956 saw the introduction of the very rare 4W66, powered exclusively by the 4.0L. For 1958, the 4W65 replaced the 4W61, and it seemed that Nissan would forever be redeveloping and redesigning the Patrol, earning the company a reputation as one that was always looking to do better.


Make Nissan
Model Patrol
Year 1977
Mileage 14369
Engine 4.0L
Interior Color Black
Exterior Color Orange
Transmission Manual
Body Type SUV
Number of Cylinders 6
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) LG6067089
Fuel Type Gasoline

$ 12800.00