1965 Plymouth Belvedere A990 tribute car

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This is a 1965 Plymouth Belvedere A990 tribute car. Powered by a real, period correct, 426 Hemi stroked to a 472 CI. This car not only looks like the real thing, it performs like the real thing! It gets down the quarter mile track in the high 10 seconds and at 130 MPH. It was at a car show at a drag strip and was taken down the track on a whim, so it would do better than that with a track tune on it! They told him that he couldn't run it again with out a roll cage. It was owned buy the same two collectors for the past 30 years. The car was originally white when the motor was pro built and stroked, in 2007 it was stripped down to bare metal and painted viper red buy a shop here in Texas. It has been stored inside a climate controlled building with several other cars. It has very little time on the motor and as you can see by the exhaust collectors not much heat temper. In fact the flow master mufflers have a few holes for condensation and not getting up to temperature. It has been trailered to various car shows over the years and driven from the parking area to the staging area. As far as we can see, every detail is very nice. the paint is show car slick but has a few bubbles on the edges of the front fenders. It has light weight door hinges, plexi glass all around except for the windshield, fixed, aluminum seat mounts, one windshield wiper, a drive shaft loop and many other race ready features that matches what the real A990's came with from the factory. This car started it's life out as a V-8 Belvedere from the factory. Then it was transformed into the serious race car that it is today! When this car starts up, every one stops what they are doing and stares at the car. It sounds mean and looks very cool! This car will bring a ton of attention, where ever it goes! This beauty is part of a large, local collection, if you are looking for a car that makes you smile every time you hear it running or when you are driving it, this is that car. You car guys know what i'm talking about! Check out the pictures and watch the video, so you can see just how clean this car is. Every nut and bolt is polished or plated. It is painted Viper Red, paint code B7-45963. no rust anywhere, except for the flow-master mufflers, being started and shut off, creates condensation in the mufflers. To slow down this monster, there is disc brakes in the front and drum in the rear. Sorry no power brakes, not needed, robs HP. That goes for no power steering either! The engine likes a mix of race fuel and pump gas, but will run just fine on 93 octane.


Make Plymouth
Model Belvedere A990
Year 1965
Mileage 4372

Price: $ 16,600.00

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